Live Fully Flocked Full Body Specklebelly Geese

Bring your decoy spread to life with the LIVE Full Body Specks from Final Approach. These decoys pack a punch with the detailed carve, amazing paint job, durability, and a new motion system. Being fully flocked brings even more realism to your spread. With the new Zero Gravity Motion System these decoys will wiggle and dance with very little wind making them look like feeding birds.

  • Rugged mix of softer plastic for added durability and paint adhesion
  • Molded and painted strictly for the die hard Speck goose hunter
  • Superior flocking scheme and realistic carving to get the birds in close
  • 25 inch fiber stakes for taller standing decoys for all hunting situations
  • 6 pack
  • Includes: 2 Uprights, 4 feeders