About Us

Final Approach was started in 1993 out of one hunter’s necessity.  Ron Latschaw was his name and his dream was to create a blind that would conceal him in the most comfortable, hidden way.  His thoughts were not to make money or start a company, it was simply to be a better hunter.  Well he succeeded with that blind as all major waterfowl companies after the “Eliminator” followed suit to try and improve on that idea.  Final Approach made the first layout blind and to this day still make the best blinds on the market. 

Our company has gone through some changes over the years and like most, we have had our ups and downs.  We are confident that we have gone through our last change just after our 25th anniversary in 2018.  As of July 2018, some true to the bone waterfowlers purchased the company and want to take Final Approach back to our beginning mission.  To always make products out of a waterfowl hunter’s necessities!  The FA brand was built making sure that you as a hunter would be more successful, comfortable and prepared in the field. We intend to bring the company back to that as well as take it to the next level.  

Our passion for waterfowl hunting and our commitment to making tougher gear for equally obsessed waterfowl hunters can be found in every Final Approach blind, decoy, bag and accessory. 

So, to every fanatic that shares our waterfowl passion, we say thank you for supporting us and we hope we make your days in the field more memorable and enjoyable.  If you’re up at 0 dark thirty, like us and ready to get after it, then we make you this promise.  As long as there are birds to chase while your lab watches that promising patch of sky, Final Approach will stay later, work harder and build smarter products to make your hunt that much better.

We hope you check us out on your next purchase. Thank You!