Live Series Flocked Full Body Black Duck Decoys

The flocked bodies on these decoys makes them extremely visible from long distances. These decoys are perfect if your flyway has Black Ducks or if you want to give your spread added visibility. Made with a premium EVA plastic that provides superior durability, better paint adhesion, and makes the decoys lightweight. The material has a little bit of give that prevents cracking but also holds its shape. With the Zero Gravity Motion System these will wiggle and dance in the slightest breeze.

Final Approach LIve Series Flocked Full Body Black Duck Decoys. 


  • Premium EVA material
  • Amazing feather detail provided by world champion carver Pat Godin
  • Flocked body
  • Full size
  • One piece
  • Zero Gravity Motion System
  • 16-inch fiber stakes
  • 6 pack
  • 2 drake feeders, 1 drake caller, 2 hen feeders, 1 hen caller

Product ID: FA-212410