Introducing the Final Approach LIVE Canada Goose Butts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Tom Cristie, these butts are a great addition to any decoy spread. The detailed paint job and premium HDPE plastic ensures that this decoy will be hunted over season after season.

The LIVE Canada Goose Butts are a great way to attract attention from passing geese because of the highly visible white belly. Rig them just like any other floater, or put these butts on a jerk rig to add some serious motion to your decoys. It’s time to elevate your spread with the LIVE Canada Goose Butts. 


  • Durable HDPE Premium Plastic
  • New Keel Design
  • Lifelike Size
  • Feather Detail Provided by 6 Time World Champion Carver Tom Cristie
  • 2 Pack

Final Approach LIVE Canada Goose Butt Decoys

Product ID: FA-226100