Coated Steel Texas Rigs

***5 oz and 8 oz coming soon!

We made Texas Rig decoy anchors even better! The coated cable line has a thicker coating that makes it easier to handle in cold conditions and holds tight in cord locks on decoys. Coated weights keep your decoys safe from unwanted wear and tear. Large loops located at the top side of the rig make picking up easy. The brown color of the line camouflages it in the water. The days of wasting time untangling your decoys when setting up are over. The coated cable has no memory, thus making knots and tangles a thing of the past.


  • Coated cable line
  • Matte finish
  • Brown color line
  • Coated weights
  • Large loops
  • Sliding decoy clasp
  • 4” Floating carabineer