Live Pintail Floaters, 6 Pack

Brand new for 2021, the Final Approach LIVE Pintail. This 6 pack comes with 3 low head drakes and 3 surface feeder drakes. Made from a premium EVA material paired with a lifelike paint scheme makes these decoys stand out. Pintails are weary birds and having some Pintail decoys in the spread can help lure them in. This all drake pack gives you the color that you want so your spread will stand out above the rest.


  • Premium EVA material
  • Amazing “LIVE” feather detail provided by World Champion carver Tom Christie
  • One piece design
  • Full size
  • 3 attachment points for rigging
  • 6 pack: 3 low head drakes, 3 surface feeder drakes


Product ID: FA-212520