Live Full Body Mallards Rester/Sleeper Decoys

Live Full Body Mallards Rester/Sleeper Decoys

These decoys take full body Mallards to the next level! Made with a premium EVA plastic that provides superior durability, better paint adhesion, and makes the decoys lightweight. The material has a little bit of give that prevents cracking but also holds its shape. Just like on the floating Mallards, the detail on these is as realistic as it gets. This pack comes with 10 inch tall bases so these decoys can be set on ice, sheet water, and dry ground.


  • Premium EVA material
  • Amazing feather detail provided by world champion carver Pat Godin
  • Full size
  • One piece
  • 10 inch tall square metal bases


  • 6 pack
  • 3 drake resters
  • 3 drake sleepers