Last Pass Fully Flocked Crows

Crows can be hard to decoy, their cautious nature can make them a difficult bird to hunt. These Crow Decoys from Final Approach are fully flocked for increased realism while also being oversized to be seen from further distances. With these decoys in your spread, you bring the realism needed to bring the weary crows closer. This pack includes 1 lookout, 1 caller, and 1 feeder decoy. 

  • Lifelike Crow Decoys
  • Oversized to be seen from further distances
  • Flat black flocking and textured design to increase realism.
  • One Piece design with field stake
  • 3 Unique head positions: 1 Lookout, 1 Caller, 1 Feeder

Product ID: FA-194002