TKO Xl Layout Blind

The new TKO XL is a full framed layout blind that is built to last. It sets up and takes down in seconds while folding flat for storage.

The durable frame and support bars allow you to put pressure on the blind while getting in or out, which has not been an option in blinds so far. This blind is perfect for bigger guys or hunters who want more room in their blind. Sheet water won’t stop this blind because it has a waterproof floor that runs 6” up the sides. Hunt with ease and comfort with the Final Approach TKO XL Layout Blind.


  • Newly designed hinged frame for quick set up and take down
  • Take down bars and head rest bars for added durability and stability
  • Back mesh to conceal the back of your head as you turn to watch the birds
  • Original Stubble Straps for adding extra hide to the blind
  • Original fast-access flagging holes on both sides
  • Zippered “clean-out” door at feet for quickly removing debris in the blind
  • Durable camouflage fabric with PVC coating
  • Waterproof floor up to 6”
  • Comfortable padded headrest
  • Cockpit Opening: 42"L x 25"W
  • 42” W x 90” L x 20” H
  • Weighs 25lbs.

Product ID: FA-212806